Howling at the Roof

Squirrels may be cute but they are obnoxious evil creatures. We get a squirrel who crawls between our roofs and scratches around like a possessed demon spawn.  Yes I said roofs. I live in a trailer that was turned into a house.  6inch thick walls were added to the sides.  It was set on a concrete foundation.  And a roof put over the existing.  Weird but it stays nice and warm in these frigid Minnesota winter months. Yes I live in Minnesota.  Not my first choice but this is where my son’s family calls home and I moved for them.
Anyways that stupid squirrel gets in there.  And I swear it knows when I’m trying to sleep.  Sometimes I’m sleeping nights sometimes days. I work nights and I have a horrible sleep schedule turning me around for work and personal needs.  Day or night scratch scratch scratch.  

At first I was able to just bang on my ceiling with a 6 foot shipping tube my photography backdrops ship in.  But eventually it stopped caring.  I’d end up sitting on my bed rocking back and forth nearly in tears in exhaustion.  

Then one day I decided on an odd whim to try scaring it away with predator noises. I looked up wolves howling on YouTube.  Amazingly it works!  Squirrel comes scratching,  I play my wolf track,  it takes off for a day or two and I can’t blame my lack of sleep on it that night.  

The damn squirrels only come in on my end. They could care less about making noises over any of the other beds in the house.  So I enjoy scaring the crap out of the critters. 


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