Woot Woot Taxes and Moving

I will be getting my tax return back this week.  So excited.  But then it hit me, I haven’t even put in any applications yet. I need a full time day time M-F job in order to move out.  Not impossible. Not easy though.  If I wasn’t a single mom it wouldn’t be so hard finding work to accommodate my home responsibility. 

I hate giving my notice anywhere.  I hate knowing I’m going to leave the hotel short handed but I need this. I need to find my gumption and get it done if I’m going to meet my hopeful move day on April 1st. I refuse to let April Fools Day be a joke though. 

I have 2 possibles. The office of a pest control company taking appointments. Pays well with benefits but I am hesitant because they may lay off in the fall… They’ve been advertising for months and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been filled.  Or if it’s really just seasonal and doesn’t say it in the listing.  The occasional Saturday morning isn’t so bad.  It’s about a half hour drive, 20 min once I move. I drive 20 minutes now.  The other is a receptionist at an animal hospital. M-F latest shift is til 6. But I don’t know the pay or benefit options. It sounds more appealing than being on the phone talking bugs.  But then I have to worry about lizards and snakes. People don’t take pet spiders to the vet do they?  Dogs cats birds turtles frogs rodents (except pet rats)  I’m all for. There’s a very slim chance there’s still an auditor position still open at a professional cleaning service. They are the ones who go in and clean up water mold smoke damage.  I’d be in the office M-F 8-4. Perfect shift. But it’s a long shot it’s still open.  I’m an auditor now at the hotel and I kind of like the job title. 

So this week I need to find some big girl panties,  pull them up and start applying to my future.  I really want my own place again.  My son and I have been sharing space with my mom for about 4.5 yrs now.  We are ready to get our own lives back.  

So hopefully here in a week or two I’m writing about interviews, my last night at the hotel.  And maybe looking at apartments. Y’all  might need to stay on me. Gentle reminders that I need to get over my irrational fear of having to tell my managers I’m leaving. 


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