Made My First Rainbow Order

YouTube is my go to for most things. I swear you can learn anything there.  I like watching Try On Hauls from various Plus Size retailers. It’s hard finding affordable clothing that doesn’t look like it was designed for my grandmother.  Well not my grandma.  She had horrible fashion sense. Think dark maroon striped shirt with sea foam green pants. 

There aren’t a lot of options locally for cute plush shopping.  Or what they have is out of my budget.  Or to mature for me.  I’m 31 not 51. Confidence sometimes comes with the right window dressing.  

Anyways YouTube videos, that’s how I was tuned into Rainbow Shops. Well I finally took the chance and put in a big order.  I’ve got eleven clothing items in their way!  Now hopefully I can pull then off and not look like a potato playing dress up. 


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