Things We Won’t Wear Because of Fear of Judgment 

Perhaps instead of judgement I could say for fear of snarky/hurtful comments.  I don’t mean things like crop tops or string bikinis.  I mean more small detail things, like a certain animal print or graphic on our clothing or jewelry. 

We seem to give people animal characteristics. But animals like pigs,  cows, and hippos are not things we want to be called. It’s not a joke heavier individuals enjoy hearing referenced to them.  If a skinny individual wears a T-shirt with a cow or cute hippo graphic it’s not thought of but let’s say an overweight woman’s favorite animal is a hippo and she wears something with one and posts a photo on her public social media like Instagram. There’s always that one jerk who thinks they are entitled to share their hurtful opinion of disgust.  There are plenty of confident women who can shrug it off and care less.  Then there are those like me that words really can stick with me and hurt. 

I’m a huge fan of cow print.  Traditional black and white dairy cow splattered print.  I wouldn’t wear it. Not that cow print is in fashion. But even if it was and there was a totally adorable cow print top or skirt,  I still would not have the guts to wear it… For fear of basically being mooed at. 

I was checking out CowCow on Amazon after seeing some great reviews.  Some of the designs are really cute but the donut or pizza dresses… Yeah I would not have the courage to wear.  In my mind I can hear snickering as I walk by people. 

There was a dress on Rainbow Shops that I think is really cute.  The bottom trim and along the cuffs is trimmed with an elephant pattern.  I’m not really crazy about elephants but it really called to me.  I like the soft boho look and struggle trying to put that together and I thought with a pair of boots I could maybe work it. Then I hesitated. Would people equate elephant with huge and compare me to an elephant?  Totally irrational and silly but it made me stumble.  Well by time I got over myself and was putting in my order they didn’t have my size.  So I lost out.  

Which is a shame because I had ordered an elephant necklace off ShopMissa during one of my confident moments during the whole elephant fat girl debate which came today and now no dress to match. Which isn’t all lost because it still will work with other pieces in my closet. And it was only a dollar. 

“wooden” boho elephant necklace off ShopMissa $1.00

I guess there’s no lesson in this. No grand story except even though you may see a person who looks like she has it together really they may not. Many of us have our little things we are insecure about. My weight doesn’t bother me like it used to in equation to my worth. But I still stumble along the way finding my confidence. 


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