Goal: Kayaking

I decided last fall that with my tax returns I really want to get my son and I each Kayaks.  We both like spending time in the water but swimming at the beach is getting boring.  Obviously being a single mom expensive watercraft is not exactly in my budget.  Plus I don’t think I’d really be a good person to load up boats onto a trailer by myself. I have issues backing up down driveways and such.  No accidents but still far from straight or coordinated.  And since I’m looking for activities for me and my son to do together since its mostly just us, kayaks fit pretty well into our needs. He has never been on a kayak and I haven’t paddled since I was nearly his age.  But it’d not rocket science and that is what life jackets are for.  

We both need the physical activity.  Badly. I’d love him to end this summer dropping at least 15 pounds.  Heck I’d love to end this summer 15 pounds lighter.  Once I get moved and such I plan on writing about my fitness journey too. Right now alternating day and night shift, the stress of trying to get the move figured out, I would be delusional to think I can start a plan I will stick with.  But it gives me about a month to come up with a well thought out plan of attack. 

Is it weird that I’m already planning for summer on the lake or river in Minnesota in February?  Probably. It’s been so warm but Winter is coming back.  I hear parts of the state are estimating 19 inches of snow this weekend.  Thankfully I’m right to the north of the system.  I got my taxes back and I know if I don’t invest in the kayaks now, then I won’t get them.  I’m really good at blowing through large amounts of money with small impulse buys. I can’t do that.  I need to get my new place, stuff for it, and other big purchases like the kayaks and a new computer so I can start back up my photography. My Chromebook is great but I need my Photoshop. And my desktop blew in a storm thanks to a fault surge protector and my old laptop is about ready to keel over. Photography is important to me and if I don’t get started asap this Spring I might hesitant and second guess myself. Same with this goal, to become a smooth paddler with my son 

I’d already picked out the style.  We are going with sit on instead of in. The models aren’t built for speed but neither are we. I am pretty sure it’s great upper body exercise and time out in the fresh air and sun will be good for our mental health too. 

So be sure to follow in the next few weeks and into this summer when we hit the lake. I’m sure I will have a wobbly amusing adventure to share. 


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