The Job Search

I have been looking for jobs. The perfect job. Well basically any job I am capable of doing in the hours I need… Which is a normal business hours day shift M-F. Its not easy there, but I am trying. I ended up turning down a great opportunity at a Animal Hospital. The hours were a bit longer than I would like for me since I am moving out and I have my son to consider. But I figured it all up, even in a cheap apartment after benefits come out, I would literally be left with $50 a month for groceries during months with higher utilities. Not to mention no money for occasional new shoes, jeans for Michael, basic necessities like deodorant. And lets be honest, deodorant should be listed as a bill when you have a almost thirteen year old son.

I have a few leads I am going to pursue here today. It sucks, I have IBS, anxiety, and then trying to provide for my son on my own, it doesn’t open a whole lot of doors. Benefits would sure be nice, if I can even afford to use them. Michael has insurance from his father, and it is a 5,000 dollar deductible. Seriously. So I can’t even afford to use his insurance to take him to the doctor.

I am almost done with things I need for the new house though. I think I am down to a microwave, desk chair, and then a new bed for Michael. Frame and mattress. Oh and the wood for my new weaving loom. Can’t forget that.

I love yarn. Seriously love it. And I have wanted a triangle loom forever. I plan on using it as a stress relief hobby, around my day job and my weekend summer photography services. But who knows maybe by winter I will have it down enough I can start selling shawls and lap blankets on Etsy or something to help bring in a few dollars in. But that is not my priority, I want to weave because I love it.

I will try to post more often, but life gets us busy. This week we finally had our family Christmas party. Michael’s paternal grandmother had a lung transplant almost a year ago. On Michael’s birthday at that! But she hasn’t been doing so well and is staying close to Rochester for her doctors and she needs 24/7 supervision. They went down and got her for the weekend and it was really nice having everyone together again. And then with my crazy work, sleep, and job hunting schedules I have basically forgotten to sit down and write…


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