Waiting on a Call Back

My interview yesterday went great. At least I feel as if it did. I am pretty excited about the thought of this job. Unfortunately, I had it up in  my head that I would be walking away yesterday knowing if I got the job or not. There are a few more interviews I guess and I should know by Friday. Which sucks I hate waiting and am already anxious just 24 hours later. All of the plans we have in works kind of depend on me getting a decent job, and this one is more than decent, it is awesome. Sure the job description may not be glamorous. And people may roll their eyes or make a face when I tell them where I work (or hopefully will be working) but I am all for it. I think it is a great opportunity and it sounds fun. Of course until I actually get the job I won’t be saying what it is. And for my safety I probably won’t be going into all the details. I don’t have a large following here on BGD but one should never get into the practice of just sharing all the details because you never know what creep might be lurking. As a woman, even a larger less than gorgeous one, I need to protect myself.

So be watching this weekend for an update, hopefully it is me doing a little dance singing I GOT THE JOB! Ok so you won’t be subjected to seeing that, but I will be doing it on this side of the computer privately. Oh how I am hopeful. I did my best at the interview and on the basic skills test so now I guess it is all down to me versus the other applicants. The only thing that would be not in my favor is if one of them has telemarketing experience as there is a lot of phone work. Don’t worry I wouldn’t be calling you during supper asking if you are happy with your long distance carrier or current insurance plan. In fact if by some weird chance in the cosmos we would ever speak it would be because you called us.

Wish me luck! This would be what changes our lives for the better. As a mom I am sure hoping on it. For the first time ever this single mom would be self sufficient and independent!


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