Job Results

First off I have a nasty head cold so today sucks already  I came home from work this morning and fell into bed in about the only position possible to breath in. And now my neck and shoulders hurt. I can’t go take a hot bath or shower because the hot water heater busted on us. And then the cream of today. An email telling me I didn’t get the job. 

I’m more than just disappointed. I’m struggling with this. It’s gearing up into tourist season and the only real places hiring are seasonal. I have to find my own place and I can’t do that not knowing if I have a job past September. Low income apartments aren’t even an option because they don’t count my auto loan as a deduction. I signed the loan long before I was asked to move up here and was promised help if I did. That didn’t happen. But I signed the loan having the means to cover it. 

I’m so frustrated. Am I supposed to stop paying it and let it be repossessed and destroy my credit and hopes of ever really getting out of this debt. And I live in a rural community. I need a vehicle to even get a decent job. 

My son is suffering. This place with my mom isn’t big enough for us three. As ashamed as I am to even admit this… He doesn’t even have a real bedroom. We weren’t expecting it to be long term  definitely not 1.5 yrs later. He’s almost 13 and I feel like I’m failing him. 

I don’t know what to do here. I’m looking for a new job but can’t even afford to accept what little is hiring because it wouldn’t cover my rent car payment and put food on the table. 

I could use some prayers. I’ve been crying most the afternoon. I’m sick, exhausted, depressed. There has to be some solution out there. I can’t stay living here much longer. 


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