Thank You Blue (Power) Ranger

I took my son to see Power Rangers today at the movies. We were the only ones there watching it, which oddly I rather like having a theater to myself. Granted it is a Tuesday and we went to the early show and many parents weren’t off work yet or kids were still at practices and such.

I introduced him to Power Rangers years ago, and he has been a fan ever since. We have not seen all of the series. Lets face it, some were really really stupid and I can’t stand to think of having to watch them with him. But over all the original is my favorite series. Oh and Dino Thunder. Even all grown up Tommy is still one good looking guy.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was changed slightly here and there but was not full of that cheesy dialogue that seems to be the annoying signature Power Rangers thing. The kids were all not full of integrity and such like the original cast. But despite being a little lost they were still good kids. But I think what I liked most was that the Blue Ranger, Billy was actually autistic. They describe him as being on the Spectrum. For me, being the mother of a kid on the Spectrum, while not a little genius, or even really in the same place as Billy. My son understands a little more in the ways of humor and social ques. But Billy was amazing. And it shows these kids that even feeling like they are lacking in the world, really they aren’t and they too can be the hero.

Michael and I both agreed they ruined Alpha though. The new look and his new confident attitude was just not the same loveable Alpha. I mean really, everyone knows his anxious little “aye aye aye” catchphrase. Which was snuck in once but still wasn’t the same. And Goldar. Oh how they ruined him. Spoiler, he is not a Wizard of Oz reject Flying Monkey anymore.

I was afraid they were going to ruin this movie. But I think it was well done and while not true to the original, the remake of the story was great. Gone was the cheesy and it just worked, hopefully bringing the Power Rangers life to a whole new generation. Lets face it, there are a lot of us in our early 30’s who geeked out a little when we heard they were making a new movie. I know I did!


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