I Think My Interview Went Well

I had my interview this morning and I think it went well. They asked me to stay to take a typing test, and do a mock customer service response via chat and email to gauge my capabilities there. And then asked if I wanted to shadow someone in the office for a little while. So that has to be a good sign right? I haven’t heard back, and I am getting anxious. The ladies who interviewed me says that their manager has to look over my interview responses and test results. But I would think if they didn’t like me they wouldn’t have even asked if I wanted to shadow to see if I still liked the job. Maybe it is just my anxiety playing heck on me. It is perfectly reasonable to not hear back for another day or two. I just really need this. And I do feel more confident about the job after my interview. I think I could enjoy this. It fits the needs of my family and would pay the bills.

I am still struggling a bit with the blues today. Not as bad. But being alone is bugging me. I napped on the couch because I was exhausted and simply fell asleep, but I also didn’t want to go to my room and be alone. So now I am sitting here alone feeling like “What now” I guess I should take this time to work on things. I have several pillows to sew up and stuff. I lost the drive to when I didn’t get the first job I went in to interview for. These are pillows that my son and I picked out fabric for our new rooms. We have new bed sets and everything waiting for our new house. Thus far out of 7 pillows I have 2 done, which I did before my interview and rejection email. Or I could actually find my other laptop charger cord so I can process a few photographs I have sitting on my camera for my Instagram. Photography usually helps ground me, but at 2am that really isn’t something I can go out and do.

I guess we wait. I think I will watch a movie or read awhile. Love to all, wish me luck on the job.


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