My Autism Awareness Thoughts 

It seems Autism Awareness Month has already lost its momentum. I live Autism every day. My son is at one end of the Spectrum and I have friends whose children are at the opposite end and several along the middle. And all of our children are wonderful worthy individuals no matter what society rules of normal is. 

I don’t support Autism Speaks because their employees are getting rich off spouting statistics from families like ours. And then do really very little to help. 

If you really want to make a difference, teach your children about it. Educate them so they don’t grow up to be bullies or look the other way when our kids are picked on for being weird. Teach them to include everyone. Believe me this makes way more difference than some of these charities that pay their ranking employees more than what goes to research and awareness. 

If you want to donate look for local charities that help families in need. Because Autism can get pretty spendy for struggling families. 

And now I shall climb off my soap box.


The Great Cycle Challenge


Rarely do I get a chance to participate in great causes. I have looked at the walks and such done for various causes but either due to my own health limitations or work obligations I have never been able to join. What I loved about this was not only is it for a great cause, because it is, I love that it is on my own schedule. I can participate out on the trails or sitting at home on my stationary bike. It is a way to get my son involved in something good. I feel we need to find ways to give back even if we don’t have money in our pockets we can still take an action to make things better for our fellow man, woman, and in this case child. Actions speak louder than words, so I am hoping in the month of June I will have over a hundred miles of action done to encourage people to contribute and help fight against childhood cancer.

If you are interested in donating towards this cause, please consider donating under my name. You can donate as little or as much as you would like. Every donation be it only five dollars is appreciated because it adds up quickly across the nation. Please click the link to see my page. Any miles I put in between now and June do not count towards the challenge so I am not sure if I will update mileage until it starts, but know I am very serious about this cause.