Remembering Bits of Me

Have you ever Googled yourself? I did. I was looking for a possible old blog of mine and instead I found a different reminder of an old part of myself that I have lost over the years. I found images I had created. I used to be really into digital art. This was before I started focusing all of my being on¬†photography. I remember I always felt like these images while were good, and I loved the creative process, but I felt like they weren’t really good enough. There were way better artists out there. But looking back on them now, the time and vision spent on them blows me away. They are beautiful, and I just didn’t see it then. Who knows maybe I will get back into digital art here soon. I feel like it has been so long I am going to have to relearn everything in the Fractal Art scene, but if I could walk away feeling like I¬†created something, that would be a great hobby to find again. I thought I would share with you a bit of a peak into a lost bit of my soul from a long time ago.


history_by_hollyelizabethjeanthinking_green_by_hollyelizabethjean (1)poison_by_hollyelizabethjeanunborn_by_hollyelizabethjean