Odd Fascinations

A few years ago while still living in Oklahoma my mother and I checked out this little antique shop. We had no cash and they didn’t accept plastic so we didn’t buy anything. This old man ran it but I’m not sure if he really understood the real value of what an antique store is. He literally had piles and stacks of goods several over a hundred years old crammed into his store. It was sheer horror thinking about all the lost treasures within those piles. Think hoarder. That’s what this store screamed. Except the things he hoarded and sold were worth significant amounts of cash. He was really missing out by not organizing his store… Anyways I found this weird little plush statue like item and I stood there poking it for about a good five minutes. I was completely enthralled with it. The quality of this unknown creature (I think it was supposed to be a bear) was rather low. I have no idea. I think it was probably at one time a cheap tourist souvenir from one of the Asian or Indonesian countries. 

Now do you understand the weird inclination to poke him? 

My mother went back with cash later to buy some old crocks she found and needless to say decided I needed a unique birthday gift which was that week. And I can honestly say this is the most unique gift possible. 

On my Instagram I edited him with a large heart just for the super sensitive. But I’m too lazy to go find the edited picture now. 

I think he photographed beautifully. I took this after we moved up to Minnesota a year later. It was a big deal because I really had given up photography in the last year before we moved and just the simple act of taking this weird little figure out in the yard and set up this shot was a big deal. It helped bring back something I lost in myself and picking up my camera again has done wonders for my state of mind.