Training For The Great Cycle Challenge 

I bought my first bike in 20 years. I literally have not ridden a traditional bike since I was 11/12. Yes you can do the math I’m 31.5 yrs old. I’m also about a hundred pounds heavier than I was then. I was a tiny little thing. I’m a little old and heavy to be entering a physical challenge but then again that is kind of the point, I am so out of shape that I need to challenge myself physically. 

I am proud to say I’ve made it around our diet driveway without an accident. It was considerably more difficult to pedal across the grass. But my cruiser bike was designed for concrete not off reading. 

I don’t know about doing 10 mile rides like I do on my stationary bike but I am going to work at building up so I can at least get a few miles in each day in June. My goal is 101 miles and I’m riding in memory of a beautiful little girl who cancer took before her 2nd birthday. Hopefully I can raise some money for the Children’s Cancer Fund. 


Training For June

I hopped on my stationary bike yesterday and plugged out 10 miles. Go me. But I’m feeling it in my knee today. I’m riding to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Fund in June and I want to be able to chug out some mileage. Prove people wrong that this chunky butt can do 100+ miles in a month. Of course there’s a difference with stationary and traditional bikes. I can’t coast any or the mileage on my stationary and gravity and terrain is a force to ride against on the traditional. 

But I’m going to do this. Surprise a few ppl on the way. Hopefully lose a few pounds too. 

Unfortunately I have to go to work here soon and babysit a new girl who really should have been able to work solo by now. So being on my feet doesn’t sound appealing but I will get through. 

Thank You Blue (Power) Ranger

I took my son to see Power Rangers today at the movies. We were the only ones there watching it, which oddly I rather like having a theater to myself. Granted it is a Tuesday and we went to the early show and many parents weren’t off work yet or kids were still at practices and such.

I introduced him to Power Rangers years ago, and he has been a fan ever since. We have not seen all of the series. Lets face it, some were really really stupid and I can’t stand to think of having to watch them with him. But over all the original is my favorite series. Oh and Dino Thunder. Even all grown up Tommy is still one good looking guy.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was changed slightly here and there but was not full of that cheesy dialogue that seems to be the annoying signature Power Rangers thing. The kids were all not full of integrity and such like the original cast. But despite being a little lost they were still good kids. But I think what I liked most was that the Blue Ranger, Billy was actually autistic. They describe him as being on the Spectrum. For me, being the mother of a kid on the Spectrum, while not a little genius, or even really in the same place as Billy. My son understands a little more in the ways of humor and social ques. But Billy was amazing. And it shows these kids that even feeling like they are lacking in the world, really they aren’t and they too can be the hero.

Michael and I both agreed they ruined Alpha though. The new look and his new confident attitude was just not the same loveable Alpha. I mean really, everyone knows his anxious little “aye aye aye” catchphrase. Which was snuck in once but still wasn’t the same. And Goldar. Oh how they ruined him. Spoiler, he is not a Wizard of Oz reject Flying Monkey anymore.

I was afraid they were going to ruin this movie. But I think it was well done and while not true to the original, the remake of the story was great. Gone was the cheesy and it just worked, hopefully bringing the Power Rangers life to a whole new generation. Lets face it, there are a lot of us in our early 30’s who geeked out a little when we heard they were making a new movie. I know I did!

Odd Fascinations

A few years ago while still living in Oklahoma my mother and I checked out this little antique shop. We had no cash and they didn’t accept plastic so we didn’t buy anything. This old man ran it but I’m not sure if he really understood the real value of what an antique store is. He literally had piles and stacks of goods several over a hundred years old crammed into his store. It was sheer horror thinking about all the lost treasures within those piles. Think hoarder. That’s what this store screamed. Except the things he hoarded and sold were worth significant amounts of cash. He was really missing out by not organizing his store… Anyways I found this weird little plush statue like item and I stood there poking it for about a good five minutes. I was completely enthralled with it. The quality of this unknown creature (I think it was supposed to be a bear) was rather low. I have no idea. I think it was probably at one time a cheap tourist souvenir from one of the Asian or Indonesian countries. 

Now do you understand the weird inclination to poke him? 

My mother went back with cash later to buy some old crocks she found and needless to say decided I needed a unique birthday gift which was that week. And I can honestly say this is the most unique gift possible. 

On my Instagram I edited him with a large heart just for the super sensitive. But I’m too lazy to go find the edited picture now. 

I think he photographed beautifully. I took this after we moved up to Minnesota a year later. It was a big deal because I really had given up photography in the last year before we moved and just the simple act of taking this weird little figure out in the yard and set up this shot was a big deal. It helped bring back something I lost in myself and picking up my camera again has done wonders for my state of mind. 

Waiting on a Call Back

My interview yesterday went great. At least I feel as if it did. I am pretty excited about the thought of this job. Unfortunately, I had it up in  my head that I would be walking away yesterday knowing if I got the job or not. There are a few more interviews I guess and I should know by Friday. Which sucks I hate waiting and am already anxious just 24 hours later. All of the plans we have in works kind of depend on me getting a decent job, and this one is more than decent, it is awesome. Sure the job description may not be glamorous. And people may roll their eyes or make a face when I tell them where I work (or hopefully will be working) but I am all for it. I think it is a great opportunity and it sounds fun. Of course until I actually get the job I won’t be saying what it is. And for my safety I probably won’t be going into all the details. I don’t have a large following here on BGD but one should never get into the practice of just sharing all the details because you never know what creep might be lurking. As a woman, even a larger less than gorgeous one, I need to protect myself.

So be watching this weekend for an update, hopefully it is me doing a little dance singing I GOT THE JOB! Ok so you won’t be subjected to seeing that, but I will be doing it on this side of the computer privately. Oh how I am hopeful. I did my best at the interview and on the basic skills test so now I guess it is all down to me versus the other applicants. The only thing that would be not in my favor is if one of them has telemarketing experience as there is a lot of phone work. Don’t worry I wouldn’t be calling you during supper asking if you are happy with your long distance carrier or current insurance plan. In fact if by some weird chance in the cosmos we would ever speak it would be because you called us.

Wish me luck! This would be what changes our lives for the better. As a mom I am sure hoping on it. For the first time ever this single mom would be self sufficient and independent!

The Face Behind the Blog

I rarely post pictures of myself. One I’m pretty self conscious. Two I really am NOT photogenic. Seriously I look 41 instead of 31 on my driver’s license picture. A third reason, I am usually on the other side of the camera. Which is where I love to be.

But I don’t want to be a totally faceless blogger. So there I am. 

Preparing For My Interview

I apologize, this week has been very emotional and while I wrote about my personal anguish I did not write about what is going on beyond that. 

I had a phone interview on Thursday and am going in here shortly for my face to face and basic skills testing. This job pays $3 more an hour than I’d get on days at the hotel. A dollar more than I get on my nights. Its full time year round. Which right now all the resorts are hiring and that’s about it, so finding a year round gig is a big deal. 

Everything changed this last week. I need to make changes in my life to adjust. I hate leaving the hotel short handed. But I need something more reliable year round. To be able to stand on my own two feet financially. And I need benefits for my son. He has insurance through his father but we can’t even use it until we meet the ten grand deductible. Used to be a lot of policies covered mental health care with little to no deductible. His does not. 

So I’m getting ready to get in the shower and get ready for my interview in two hours. No clue what to wear. My allergies are killing me. My stomach is still queasy from last night’s supper. But I will nail this. I have to.