Rainbow Shops and MissA

OK so it’s actually Rainbow Shops and ShopMissA.  I got my order in from both a week ago.  I’ve been so busy with looking for a new job, getting things ready to move, and sleeping of course, that I forgot to sit down and scribble out a blog. 

A quick review on both companies. Yes they ship in bags with the store name so it’s not discreet.  Rainbow Shops is a clothing/Accessory chain of stores with a pretty awesome website for those of us far from the city.  For us plus size gals, it’s amazing because it’s fashionable clothing and at affordable prices. And affordable to me versus what others say are vastly different.  Affordable to me means a single working mom can still afford to shop here.  Think $5-35 average price range but great clearance sales.  MissA is a cosmetics and accessories online store. They say everything is only a dollar,  but there are a few exceptions.  Brush sets and floating locket chains are exceptions.  They have a huge selection of jewelry. Some nicer than others.  And a large selection of cosmetics.  Now these aren’t discounts on major brands,  these are products that typically sell for a dollar.  But that doesn’t mean it’s all trashable quality.  I can’t speak for every brand.  But what I’ve tried thus far I like.  They also have some fun accessories.  

It’s hard to see everything I got from the two sites but here is my big pile.  Not pictured is a cute little Laundry bag and two infinity scarves. 

I was going to take more pictures but then my mother distracted me wanting to run to town (by town I mean the closest Walmart 45min away) and when I got back I just wanted to rip open stuff and try it on.  Patience is not my virtue.  

Everything fit pretty true to size except one satin camisole.  I’m normally a 2x.  I order 3x because I’m worried about the fit around my chest.  The Camisole might fit a 5x individual. The return policy looks a bit jenky and I think there’s a fee.  So if I’m right from the $8 I’d only get like $2 refunded. I may be wrong if anyone has experience returning to Rainbow online let me know in the comments. 

I’m happy.  I have a few church and interview pieces. I bought new shoes but go figure the shoes at Payless I fell for are yellow and the other pair blue and I mostly bought pink ensembles. Now let’s just hope I find that perfect job!   Meanwhile I think it’s time for a nap as I work overnight tonight at my current job.